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The performance of a MacBook Pro booting Windows from an external SSD

A follow up post on the performance my external SSD with Windows delivers. Here I will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly parts of my solution to a Windows problem on a MacBook pro with limited storage.

Booting Windows on a Macbook Pro with an external SSD

With the latest generations of Apple's Macbook's you are stuck to the amount of storage you have when you purchased it. This means that later on when you would like to add a second OS (like Windows for example), chances are that the space on your SSD is too limited.
Here I will explain how I managed to boot Windows on my Macbook using an external SSD.

Coding Swift

Discovering automatic adjustment of ContentInset

A short post on how I discovered the pain of a ScrollView combined with a NavigationController in iOS.
Here I will explain how I came to the solution why the content of my UIScrollView is pushed to the bottom by my NavigationController, together with the easy solution how to prevent this from happening.
A handy tip for Swift programmers stuck with this problem.